Tuesday, September 18, 2018

For Sunday 9/23/18 - "Who Is Greatest? You Are!"

A person once said to me, "Every time I can tell you a traumatizing memory, it's like a chip I have chiseled off a piece of marble - the image I am trying to become -- the vision of the person God always meant me to be -- The One that I want to become. For me, you are safe. You do not judge me. You help me find me, accept me, and discern the next step forward." This is true spirituality, my friends, not the stuff peddled by elevated prophets, wannabe theologians, and advocates of calcified institutionalized religion. And while I'm at it, let me say that organized religion is a very good thing! It is a very good thing if it genuinely relieves suffering. It is a very good thing if it is truly prophetic helping the lost find themselves in ways they individually want to be found. It is a very good thing if social justice is the armor it puts upon itself toward betterment of the Common Good for all. May we all find such blessings for our lives, for I surely have and will gladly share about my journey with any other living soul.  Never doubt the authority of your own experience with an in-reaching God.  May the "Peace of the God of Your Understanding" be upon you!

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