Friday, April 19, 2019

04/19/19 Reflections on the Mueller Report

I have been feeling quite down since release of the Mueller Report, especially due to AG Barr's handling of the report in which Barr clearly seeks to protect POTUS 45 reportedly due to 45's distressed state of mind. I totally doubt that AG Barr much sympathized with state-of-mind in cases he dealt with prior to POTUS 45. For AG Barr, this is more about GOP maintaining control of the Federal Government to the GOP. You know, AG Barr, if one's mind is truly vulnerable to being distressed in the manner that POTUS 45 has evidenced the past two years and more -- then holding the high office of POTUS is not within one's skill set and POTUS 45 should resign. Hear that AG Barr!! And hear it for sure because POTUS 45'S power mongering self-serving ego has gifted himself so many lawsuits that he'll be in court the rest of his life just trying to avoid wearing an orange jumpsuit.

My beloved friends (each and everyone of you), far far too much of the World's well-being rests upon the ability of a POTUS to be cool, calm, collected, and totally unflappable in the face of extremely distressing circumstances, especially where Russia and China and North Korea and Iran and places where religious extremists reside. I am so heartened today to read that "Republicans For The Rule of Law" will be running ads this weekend on Fox News calling for POTUS 45 to be held accountable for his attempts to obstruct justice and that Congress should be taking up the matter of impeachment as they did with regard to Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.

Special Counsel Mueller was brilliant leaving the matter of high crimes and misdemeanors of POTUS 45 up to Congress, not AG Barr.  For his part, AG Barr has definitively proved he is not up to the job to prosecute POTUS 45, but "Republicans for the Rule of Law" prove that no one, even POTUS 45 and his violations of the Constitution's Emoluments Clause is above the law.

"Republicans for the Rule of Law" promulgating their message this weekend on FOX NEWS that POTUS 45 be held accountable for his transgressions as Republicans held Bill Clinton accountable and as they held Richard Nixon accountable -- would restore my faith in the party of President Abraham Lincoln. Should the party of Lincoln forego trying to re-elect POTUS 45, and also remove from office his supporters like VP Mike Pence, Senator Mitch McConnell, and others -- even Press Secretary Sarah Sanders who admitted lying to the American people when questioned by Special Counsel Mueller, then and only then will the GOP have my attention.  They will have my attention even more if they seek the election of Republican Governor Kasich -- for then I will assuredly vote Republican in the 2020 Presidential Election!