Friday, May 25, 2018

For Sunday 5/27/18 - "Be Born of the Spirit"

For Sunday 5/27/18 - "Be Born of the Spirit"

Dawn (my fiance) and I are having a most precious evening together (5/25/18).  An evening of soul dialogue, it has been for sure. An evening of individually sharing one's truth, one's walk with the Divine. Speaking lovingly passionately while each gives an account of the hope that lies within us, particularly in these dark times perpetuated by 45's disgusting behavior. On that note, I recall being a bank teller in Fargo ND at the age of 19 (some 52 years ago) and being so overcome by God's Spirit conveying God's unconditional love for me while I processed a business deposit, that I nearly collapsed to the floor as God impressed upon my mind, "You're okay Brad, you're really okay.". POTUS has no such ability to convey such unconditionally loving regard, nor will he ever. He only knows how to rip doors off a closet when ignorantly thinking a closet door somehow reflects on his worth as a person. All will be well my beloved, for one day the Earth will look up and the Heavens will look down and both tremble for joy as they become one and the Community of Believers throughout the world will have place until the end come. At least, that's of what I shall dream and for which I will hope. May the Peace of God be with us all during this difficult and trying time as we seek to find ourselves, discover how deeply God loves you and me, and make the betterment of the Common Good our mutual enterprise.

Brad Shumate

Free Of Euncumbance

Eugene, OR

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